QHotels brings street food to UK conferences with new menu launch

QHotels conference menu

QHotels has launched an innovative new conference menu, bringing street food to conferences and events in the UK for the first time.

The new lunch menu follows an intensive six-month period of research and trials which took QHotels' chefs into cafes, large chain restaurants and small independents, sampling the latest culinary trends to assess customers' eating habits and preferences.

The customer insight and research revealed that the rise of street food remains the biggest culinary trend to hit the UK, and is the cuisine of choice for QHotels' conference customers.

The new 'do it yourself' street food offer allows delegates to play around with key components and flavours, to tailor dishes to their own preferences, as well as choose from a range of different menus, including Pan-Asian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, boutique fish and chips and chicken.

From pho noodle bowls, to steamed hirata buns, lamb koftas and roti wraps, the dishes have been influenced by popular cuisine from around the world.

Also, inspired by the rising trend in clean eating, centrepiece salads will feature a selection of different raw ingredients, from nuts to fennel seeds, giving delegates a choice of flavours and textures to be creative with, as well as a choice of completely 'clean' hot dishes.

Julian Prosser, Group Executive Chef at QHotels, said: "The biggest challenge with conference menus is being able to produce dishes to suit a wide range of tastes and dietary requirements. Historically conference food has consisted of two to three safe and standard options and, as a result, across the industry menus have remained somewhat traditional.  

"So when we came to create the new QHotels menu, we focused on understanding what our customers eat when they're not with QHotels; what they'd choose at home, in a cafĂ© or a restaurant.  This in-depth research highlighted to us that the rise of street food on the high street was by far the biggest development and proved to be the most popular in our trials with customers at conferences and events across the group. The variety, strong flavours and informality is what's inspired our new and unique conference menu."

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